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Devido a las distintas representaciones de la organización en diversos países, he querido montar este grupo de Astrónomos Sin Fronteras en España, para la unificación de los aficionados y todas las actividades que se organizan en el país, bien sean de entidades federadas en la FAAE como otras entidades de divulgación astronómica.

Victoriano Canales Cerdá

Coordinador Nacional en España

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Apr 05

April 2020 in Spain

Hello every body !! This April the activities of the GAM are being diminished by the Covid-19 pandemic and in Spain the astronomical associations are also diminished in activities. Here...

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Mar 09

March 2020 in Spain

Hello friends, The month of March is presented loaded with activities in Spain: In the province of Vigo we will have a conference. In the province of Pamplona we will...

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Oct 11

Summary InOMN Spain

Hello everybody !! InOMN activities in Spain have already been completed and we have again broken records: On October 5, the International Moon Observation Night (InOMN) was held, an annual...

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Sep 06

International Observe the Moon Night - InOMN 2019

Astronomers Without Borders invites all astronomical organizations and entities to participate in the 10th annual International Observe the Moon Night. We also invite the public to find an event OR...

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Aug 11

Activities in Spain August 2019

1.- Workshop: The phases of La Luna with Oreo cookies, in the Astronomical Group of Huesca 2.- Guided observation of the sky, in the Astronomical Group of La Rioja 2.-...

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Aug 02

Perseids 2019

As every year, in the month of August, we have the classic "Perseids", a stream of meteors that is produced by combustion in the atmosphere of dust and rockery from...

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