Astronomical Studies Group of Iguaraçu - PR (GEAI)

About Us

The Group of Astronomical Studies of Iguaraçu - PR better known as: GEAI, was founded on 03 July, 2016 by the Amateur Astronomers: Jorge Fernando Barboza dos Santos, Lucas Fiori Izaias and Marcos Antonio dos Santos Júnior.

At first, the love for this science motivated us to constitute a group that could contribute to the scientific dissemination of non-profit astronomy and natural sciences, since its main objective is to help people who have not or have not had access to Astronomy and popularize this science in our community and the region in which it belongs in which we will make several observations
astronomical public lectures and field trips to astronomical camps (with binoculars, telescopes or even the naked eye) and teaching all people in general about everything that is happening now in our Solar System and the Universe as well.

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City or Town: Iguaraçu
State: Parana
Country Brazil

Administrators, Amateur Astronomers, Scientific Disclosers and Founders of the Group: GEAI, Jorge Barboza, Lucas Fiori Izaias and Marcos Antonio

Telephones for Contacts: +55 01444 999065523, +5501444984361109  and +55 01444 984443202.


Location:Street: Antenor Tenente Nº 32, Neighborhood: Jardim Bela Vista, Iguaraçu, Parana, 86750-000

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