Astronomiestation Demmin

About Us

The Astronomiestation is an astronomical institution owned by the hanseatic town of Demmin and operated by the company Danielides Space Science Consulting (DSSC). The institution was founded in 1978 and consists of a teaching facilities for school classes and project groups, a Zeiss Sky Master ZKP-2 planetarium projector, a modern fulldome planetarium projection and modern audio system as well as an observatory for stellar obserations. Today the primary activity is public outreach for the general public, school classes and privat customers. The station is "home" for a maker group called the "Arbeitskreis Astronomie und Technik", which is designing telescopes and radio applications with new and old techniques as well as does lots of coding.

The company DSSC is one member of the publishing team of the German astronomy journal "Sternzeit". 


Location:Sandbergtannen 1b, Astronomie Station, Demmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 17109

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