This year’s Global Astronomy Month is highlighting astronomy-related art in all various media. We would like artists to submit proposals for programs/activities/events during GAM 2016. Programs can be targeted to any age group, adults, kids or all ages.

Submission Criteria

  1. Must be connected to astronomy in some way
  2. Projects can be existing works or those that are specially designed for GAM 2016.
  3. It must be globally accessible (either a google hangout, blog post, photos posted online, downloadable documents). If it is a live performance it must also be broadcast simultaneously online.
  4. Artists are encouraged to present the exhibition, film or performance at a physical location (museum, art gallery, science museum, astronomy club, planetarium etc).
  5. We would like it to be interactive with the (global) audience and make the most of online platforms
  6. It would be an advantage to tie in with other events planned during GAM 2016 that would be ideal - such as SunDay, or Global Star Party, etc, check our schedule for ideas.

We would request a detailed proposal outline how your project fits into the criteria above.
Please send them to:
NOTE: The artist(s) holds the copyrights of the project.
All submissions must be handed in on December 15th so that event scheduling can begin in January.