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project nightflight is an astrophotography group committed to internationally promoting the conservation of the starry sky as environmental resource. To support this goal, our team frequently publishes images and articles on news portals, NASA websites, astronomy and nature related websites, books, magazines and newspapers.

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Jan 25

M46/M47 in Binoculars

Stargazing with binoculars is a speedy way to see celestial objects in awesome detail. project nightflight has developed an astrophotography and image processing technique to show some deep-sky objects as...

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Dec 27

The Star of New Year's Eve

Fireworks and celebrations, that's what many people associate with the coming of the New Year. But as the countdown is peaking and expectations are running high, there is yet another...

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Dec 05

Perseus Double Cluster in Binoculars

It's that season again. And with the long and chilly winter nights awesome binocular objects start populating the northern hemisphere night skies. One of the most beautiful is unquestionably the...

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Sep 20

Brand New Star Walk Website

The Grossmugl Star Walk is an astronomical edutainment trail near a small village in Austria, Europe. The "Sternenweg Grossmugl", as it is called in Austria, is a self-guided tour encouraging...

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Sep 13

Calima Sunset

Some sunsets on the Canary Islands are eerily subdued. They look as if the sun were hiding behind a thin veil of gauze. This situation is known by the designation...

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Aug 16

Stargazing Sites on La Palma Island

Stargazing on La Palma Island is one of the finest astronomical experiences possible. The small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean is part of the European country Spain, has a...

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