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AWB's mission is to create novel international outreach programs that educate, inform and inspire. To do this, AWB offers programs that expands the minds of people of all ages, and opens up new worlds, and connects people around the globe from different cultures and societies, creating links between our wonderment of the Universe to the worlds of science, education, art and culture. Support AWB and Donate.

Your generous gift allows everyone the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through innovative online astronomical outreach programs. Together, as an AWB supporter, we can offer unique ways to unite people of the world today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Raoul Lannoy, AWB National Coordinator in Belguim, talks about The Day the Earth Smiled.

Mponda Malozo from Tanzania: "The Centre for Science and Telescopes to Tanzania are going to have a huge impact in science teaching... Telescopes to Tanzania shows us how..."

 Areas of Focus:

Community Based Progams
Arts and Culture
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Future Programs:

Astronomy in Schools in Afghanistan
The Afghanistan Astronomy Association introduces science in Afghanistan schools through astronomy. AWB will be there to help.

Membership starsforall

Stars for All
The stars belong to everyone - including the sight-disabled. Stars for all will bring efforts and resources together for the sight-disabled worldwide.

Eyes on ISS
International Space Station observations are submitted from around the world and the stations orbit and physical characteristics are calculated. It's the first step in a program of enthusiasts worldwide measuring the Universe.


 outreach programs that educate, inform and inspire