An AstroArts Residence Program


Luca Serasini is our AstroArtist in Residence and will be creating a collage of constellations taken from everywhere around the world with your help.

For his project, he is asking you to take photos with your phone or your cameras of constellations! Through out the next year, he will be calling on you to take photos of five or six of the constellations that you can see from your skies. With your photos, you can share your sky along with the rest of the world through Luca's art.

Here's Luca presenting his project:

Luca takes us on a tour of his Orion Constellation installation located just outside Pisa, Italy.

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How to help out

How can I participate?
On a clear night, simply go out and take a photo of the Orion or if you have already taken a photo of Orion, send it to us! The images of Orion should be wide angle photos - or in other words, they should have pieces of the horizon showing and a large amount of the sky present. Please see this page for tips and tricks on how to take constellation photos with your phone.

How can I submit my photo?
You can submit your photo on our Facebook page or our below using the form. Please read carefully the terms and agreement about how Luca will be using the photos.

What exactly will Luca be doing with my photos?
A collage will be made to create prints or digital versions. This could be in the form of a greeting card, booklet or any print matter. It can also be published on the internet or on social media. We ask that all rights of your photos will be given to AWB and Luca. Please include parts of the horizon in your photos, and where possible, landscape photos (not portrait) will be the best.

When do I need to submit my photos to be included in this project?
February 28, 2018 will be the deadline for when Luca will need to receive you pictures.

What format should I send my photos?
Please send it in the best digital format that you can and use the following file naming system: first name-last name-city-country.jpg. By submitting your photo on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or directly to Luca ( ) you agree to let Luca reproduce your photos in whole or in part in print or digital format.

Please note that we are having issues with our form. please submit your photos on twitter, facebook or directly to Luca with the link above.