This year our schedule is growing to provide you with a great selection of events.

This year we are looking forward to show off your local events and grow our community by sharing your experiences behind and in front of the scope. What are you looking at? Who are you sharing it with? How are you holding your event.

Let us know!

Take part and share:

From our yearly Observational Challenges (provided by the Astronomical League) to Giovanni Renzo's classic Cosmic Concert, here's where our community reaches out to you whether its challenging your observational prowess or listening to music under the stars.

Now is the time to get your telescopes, solar glasses, and binoculars ready for  the Global Star Party and our SunDay event.

New this year:

Facebook live - Our kickoff is featuring YOU! Join us on April 1 to take part in a conversation with Andrew Fazekas (Astronomers Without Borders communications manager) and some of our National Coordinators from around the globe.

There's so much to take part in and share your experience with us and the schedule is still growing.