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Welcome to the GAM Blog! As you should know by now, Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is a follow-up to the hugely successful 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The network of amateur astronomers and others around the world who took part in planning that unprecedented event -- and many of the tens of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who took part -- just didn't want the fun to end.  We agree.

But this time we have a whole month.  Why so long? Are we crazy?  Perhaps, but that's not the point here. There are several reasons for expanding those four crazy days to 30:

  • GAM will be a community-based, grassroots event like 100 Hours of Astronomy. But in 100 Hours of Astronomy there were certain activities promoted at different times. We had lots of people writing to ask how they could join in. With the entire month of April available, everyone will be able to join the fun during GAM!
  • Astronomy clubs and other organizations can plan events at the times that work best for them. Different calendars, different holidays -- "global" programs always end up excluding someone. GAM gives you 30 days to choose from!
  • Were you clouded out for your big public star party? Do you have disappointed amateurs, public and media? In GAM there will be time to reschedule events later. You don't want to lose the people who so eagerly attended your event!
  • Did you see an activity during 100 Hours of Astronomy you think would be fun for your club to do? You've waited a year for the global stage to open again, but what if you see something great during GAM? Don't wait another year! Just schedule it for later in April and bring that great activity to your club and public.
  • You've had a great event and the public and your members are clamoring for more. Don't wait a year -- plan a follow-up program that will still be part of GAM!

The big global one-day events that generated so much excitement in 100 Hours of Astronomy will still take place. And even more this time. There will be more international collaboration and interaction than ever, too. 100 Hours of Astronomy event organizers have told us it was the sense of one big worldwide celebration that attracted astronomers and the public, and made it all something very special. We'll be building on that in many ways.

More people, more participants, more time to share the skies with others -- locally and globally. One People, One Sky. Global Astronomy Month will have something for everyone. If you don't see what you want as the programs develop, write to us. Tell us what you want to see happening in GAM 2010. It's YOUR event.



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