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In the future I will write on this blog monthly reports on activities implemented in Serbia (my hometown Krusevac) in order to promote astronomy and science.

In August we organized observation of meteor Perseid shower on Bagdala hill in the city. This is the darkest part within the city where it can be seen the night sky, and that light pollution does not affect the experience too much. The observations were on 12th and 13th August. There were about 18 observers and we have seen for both nights over 20 meteors in total. From the equipment we used refractor telescope 60/700 and we watched the Moon and Jupiter, and for photographing of meteors we used Nikon D3100, which is set to EQ3 mount with motor drives. We observed Cassiopeia constellation and managed to record four meteors in this region of the sky. The activity was really attracted the attention of fellow citizens and we organized on 30th August new observation on same location. We used a Newtonian telescope  150/750 and looked at M31, M13, Mizar and Algol and Jupiter. Unfortunately weather conditions were bad and we could not observe many other objects.


In September we are planing two workshops, guesting of astronomers from Nis and at least one observing from Bagdala. Photos from the observation of meteors you can see the following links, https://picasaweb.google.com/109849895894662061314/12082011, and ,https://picasaweb.google.com/109849895894662061314/13082011, and from 30 August on this link https://picasaweb.google.com/109849895894662061314/30082011.


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    I am an amateur astronomer from Serbia since 2005. I do astronomy in the Astronomy Society "Eureka" in my home town Krusevac. I am also interested in Econophysics and I am finishing PhD studies in Economics. I wish to study astronomy, to become professional astronomer and to give contribution to the popularization of astronomy and science in general. I write articles for many local web sites in the field of Economics, Econophysics, Astronomy ...


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