Every year the Earth passes through the meteor stream called Complex of Taurids in two periods: Jun / Jul and October / November. In the first period produces meteors coming from the Earth's dayside, so less vigorous. However, the second period produces particularly interesting meteors to the observer, particularly those aware of bolides view (fireballs).
The Taurids swarm is a dynamic system composed of a multitude of fragments, ranging from micro dimensions of the kilometrics, orbiting the Sun two well-known rains are linked to such site:. Southern and Northen Taurids.
The parental body associated with the production of debris in this large complex is the Encke comet, although there are other sources also associated fragments. 
This year is expected a great activity between the periods from late October to 10 November, according to the predictions of David Asher model in his article: "An Extraterrestrial Influence During The Current Glacial-Interglacial" published in 1993 [1] . The best viewing time is after midnight. The last of this ride was in 1954, the next will be around 2076. See video below.



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