Do you know Messier club? It’s the biggest visual team of amateur astronomers in China.  As leaders of the club, Mr. Orion and Mr. Sirius set a good example to members. They often do stars observation together.

This is the report of their activity below.

REPORT OF 25-MESSIER- OBJECT OBSERVATION                             

Observation time: in the night on 17th Nov , 2015

Observation place: astronomic base in Nantianmen village

Daqing, Heilongjiang province

                Longitude: 124°3038.88E

                Latitude: 46°2123.01  N

Elevation: 138m

Equipment: Sky-watcher Dob 10 and Dob16 goto

Camera: Canon 5D3

Limit of magnitude: visual lever 5-6

Participants: Mr. Orion and Mr. Sirius

Record of observation: Mr. Orion

Arrangement: Mr. Sirius

That day, they went to the base. During the interval, from 22:37 to 23:49, Mr. Orion began to adjust the Dob 10to look for and observe 25 Messier objects for 72 minutes. Mr. Sirius took advantage of Dob16to keep track and take photograghs on goto mode, while Mr. Orion often turned into the next goal after completing filming.

Direction : To improve the speed of observation, camera’s SIO is put to be 25600, the time of exposure is about 2 seconds. As a result , noise is extremely large, making us have a rough look at most of the photos. The too low latitude affects the consequence of filming.






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