What can we do differently on Global Star Party 2016? The Manila Street Astronomers already conducts free telescope viewings twice a month from October to May (during the First Quarter and the Full Moon). So what difference would another free telescope viewing (FTV) make?

The answer we came up with is simple. If there's a Messier Marathon, why shouldn't there be a FTV Marathon? Let's make this year's Global Star Party, a TRIATHLON. Instead of conducting a FTV just on the Global Star Party date itself, let's make it on three consecutive dates: pre, peri and post on April 15, 16 and 17. Also, let's make it three different locations.

So that's what we did.

For the pre-gig, we went North of Manila to UP TechnoHub. For the peri-gig, we went East to UP Town Center. And then for the post-gig, we went South to Alabang Town Center. The result, a host of new friends, a plethora of new supporters, a cadre of new volunteers and followers, but most of all a public who will now live by our mantra -- always keep looking up.

Global Star Party shouldn't be like a holiday like Mother's Day where you only remember your mom on that one day. It should be 365 days a year. It should be a way of life. It's an advocacy not a photo shoot opportunity. It's a calling not a marketing tactic. The highest and purest form of amateur astronomy is public outreach, first and foremost.

Always for you John Dobson.





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