Every year, more than 100.000 visitors participate in Austria's annual Science Night. During this special night, thousands of scientists present their work to the public at more than 250 locations like university institutes, museums and private research facilities. The Austrian Science Night is one of Europe's largest science events for the public.

This year, outdoor temperatures were favorable and the sky was at least partly clear. That is why the Science Night motivated a lot of people to come to the Vienna Observatory, home of Vienna's Astrophysical Institute. The 360 degree panorama captured the atmosphere on the east terrace of the 19th century building, where some portable telescopes had been set up for public viewing.

Austrian Science Night 2016 Vienna Observatory

The large building of the Vienna Observatory features several domes with historical instruments, including a 68cm refractor from 1878. These are no longer in use for scientific observations - since the 1960s most of the newer research telescopes of the Astrophysical Institute are housed at remote locations well outside of Vienna's light pollution.

To view more astronomical full-sphere panoramas made with a Ricoh Theta S go to


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