Georgia Astronomy Club "GeoAstroClub" hosted Public Astronomy Evening at the Vake City Park in Tbilisi, Georgia. Visitors observed Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter as well as their personal favorite objects, such as:double stars in UM - Mizar and Alchor, M101, Andromeda Galaxy, Polaris and Arcturus. More than 200 people have attended.

There was a special hand-made chair for the kids that can be adjusted for their comfortable observation.

Constellation viewing session has been organized by the professional astronomer Irakli Kobiashvili.

Organizers: Temo Kuchadze, Alexsander ArtDvali, Marika Tarasashvili, Giorgi Gzirishvili, Kakha Gogolashvili, Beka Mamukashvili

You can view the complete photo album here:


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