Sabah Stargazers celebrates The Global Astronomy Month 2018 in various place across Sabah, Northern Borneo of Malaysia. Our team organize and conduct astronomy astivities to spread awareness on astronomy education. Beside that, promoting the GAM and aimly to bring public closer based on our motto "Astronomy For Everyone"

Sabah Stargazers continue our second programme for celebrating GAM 2018 in Lahad Datu, Sabah for Israk Mikraj Stargazing on 14th April 2018. This full day programme start from 9 am until 1 pm for astronomy exhibition and sungazing , 2 - 3.30pm for astronomy talk "Universe Timeline" and last program from 7pm - 11pm for stargazing session.

During astronomy exhibition, Sabah Stargazers give explanation and demonstrate the simulation of universe, sungazing observation, Q&A session and astrophotography exhibition. People attend the exhibition give a good feedback on our team to show and bring astronomy closer to them.

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For astronomy talk "Universe Timeline" given by Emma Zulaiha Zulkifli our Outreach Programme Director, nearly 30 people attend the talk. The talk continue for half an hour. The talk mentions from the first beginning of time until now, formation of the universe and future program that world of astronomy will seek. Audience sometimes ask for questions during the talk.

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For the last program, stargazing session with the community starts from 7pm until 11pm. Public is given a tour on starchart and learning to recognise between star and planet, the weather quite cloudy from the beginning until around 8.30 the sky starts to clear and public enjoy the stargazing session

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