Members of AOYA [Association of Young Astronomy] in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq, and numerous guests and visitors have been baffled by the view of Mars at its best last night through the eyepiece of our telescope, and which as well covered by the local news media. The century longest totallunar eclipse was as well a favorite topic for observation and intellectual discussion too.

Our team has briefed attendees with some information about the red planet and we we were there to answer each and every question.

"People from all ages, ethnic or cultural backgrounds have come together today to observe these celestial events through our session and to record their names in this once in a lifetime experience!"

"Astronomy truly gets us together regardless to all of our differences and beliefs!! That's one reason why astronomy runs in my veins like blood!!

Thanks to you all, the ones I personally know and those who I have just met today for the first time, you have made it such a wonderful experience, one that will be memorable the rest of our lives!"   Eyad S. Khailany Founder/CEO AOYA

Special thanks to the valued staff of the Cambridge Int'l School in Erbil for the greatest hospitality, you have been such a wonderful event sponsor.

Thanks to you all"

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    AWB Coordinator for the Kurdistan Region - Northern Iraq with Niga Mahmood Hasan. Eyad is the founder of the Association of Young Astronomers (AOYA) in Erbil, Iraq. He is an amateur astronomer and former physics teacher/lecturer at multiple international schools and institutes in Erbil. AOYA's goal is to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) about astronomy and related sciences to help people better understand and appreciate the world around them. This vital knowledge will help youth and adults accept religious, political, social and cultural differences.


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