Billal Bensalah


-On Friday 27 July 2018, 
Starting at 6:00 pm, the equipment for the special astronomical event was prepared from members of Astro Club  in Guerrara (Algeria).
-We waited for the moon to rise from the eastern horizon at the same time as sunset and the rise of red planet after a few moments, where the first phase of the eclipse began and its color turned to dark gray.
at 8:00 pm, people began to come to the place of event (Inorar Square).
where we installed two telescopes with one binocular and a medium screen for viewing via the camera.
-However, the weather suddenly worsened with cloudy sky and light winds. so 
making viewing impossible this coincided with the beginning of the total phase of eclipses
we have not seen the full stages until its end is near.
-In addition, detailed explanations of the mechanism and phases of the eclipse were presented
and provide general information about Mars and its movement especially his approach to the earth with observe it by telescope.
-Most important thing about this event is many children enjoyed watching and explaining in an easy and simple way.
The event end at 12:00 pm.
Attached images are a good speaker on the special astronomical event

Mars eclipse 7 2018 1


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