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OKI International School is one of the major international schools in Sri Lanka. They organized a science exhibition for school students. Organizers’ goal is to raise awareness of STEM education and encourage the students to engage themselves in STEM subject related activities. Organizers invited the Institute of Astronomy, Colombo, Sri Lanka to be a part of this event. Our institute works as the astronomy knowledge and resource sharing partner. We included telescopes in order to give a basic idea to the students regarding how a telescope works and how to use it and also to expose the students to use telescopes to observe distant objects. Our most important activity was to observe the sun from the solar telescope. Our new CORONADO Solarmax II H alpha telescope provided a good opportunity for the students to observe solar activities. While they were observing the sun one of our team members explained the features which they were able to saw at that very moment and could be able to get an idea about how these solar activities take place. Furthermore, we succeed to raise awareness regarding the importance of studying the sun and how solar activities affect routine life on planet Earth. The event was held on 28th February 2019






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