In the array of celebrating Global Astronomy Month every year on the largest scale, SPACE from various parts of India celebrated Global Star party 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing in the human history with the people of various background and age groups. Various cities of India like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Karnataka and many more actively participated in the observations.

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SPACE had organized many sessions in which people observed the various celestial objects and especially the Moon with the help of a Telescope visible in the night sky. Particularly students were trained on various technics to observe the night sky and identify the constellations and the deep sky object locations in the night sky and were trained on the various techniques like Telescope handling, planisphere reading, learning various techniques for doing Astrophotography and many more.

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The student also participated in many fun-filled sessions, followed by the activities based on it like learning by Rockets and their mechanism followed by launching the self-made Rockets. Students also learned about the difference in the weight if we go on some other planet and the science behind this through various activities.

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SPACE Universe in the school program focused on the personal and professional growth of the kids by providing them in house classes on various Astronomy based activities. SPACE Chennai celebrate the star party with the Children who belong to the weaker section of the society. SPACE Surat educated students on Rockets followed by a launch. 

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Through these activities SPACE reemphasizes and highlighted the AWB’s motto “One People, One Sky”. SPACE would like to thank "Astronomers without Borders" for this initiative taken and celebrating the Astronomy Globally.

SPACE by taking one step more in this has united entire India by celebrating Global Astronomy Month nationwide.

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To know more about the various events, follow the link and


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  • Adoro a India pra mim o pais mais apaixonado pela Astronomia do planeta.
    • 25 April 2019
      in reply to Instituto Gunstar de Astronomia cultural
      Obrigado pelo seu feedback valioso. O SPACE India continuará a popularizar a Astronomia para pessoas de diferentes faixas etárias e origens.

      Desejo-lhe limpar o céu da Índia!
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