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AstroEDU-COCHABAMBA was a training event in the teaching of Astronomy and Space Sciences for college teachers and normalist students in workshop mode.


On Saturday, August 17, the AstroEdu - Cochabamba event was held with great success bringing together teachers from different districts of Cochabamba and other cities as well.

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 As part of the “Open Astronomy Schools” project of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), some of the scope of the event were:

A. Free training and empowerment of teachers for the development of ast ronomy in scenarios of sustainable development goals.
B. Experts and representatives of the field of astronomy in the Bolivian context met as presenters and instructors of the event.
C. The exchange of resources was encouraged, creation of appropriate initiatives such as astronomy clubs, free tools, opportunities and useful experiences for teachers were provided.
D. A workshop was held to learn astronomical instrumentation, types of telescopes, parts of telescopes and instrument applications where it was possible to have up to five different types of telescopes during the event.
E. Knowledge assessment through a diagnostic test.
F. Evaluation of the knowledge generated during the workshop by a written test.
G. An unique and free Design Planisphere was developed for a planisphere construction class, where teachers were provided in hardcopy and digitally.
H. The inclusion of Masters from distant districts of Cochabamba and other cities was selected for the event was very important.
I. During the raffle, useful prizes such as a solar laptop charger, an astronomical observation vest, lasers and compass were presented.
J. Hard work and outstanding organization was one of the milestones of the project executed by the Volunteer Organizing Team.

Hopefully this is a first version for activities in the near future with the development of Astronomy & Space Sciences in Bolivia!

We appreciate the significant work of the AstroEdu - Cochabamba Organizing Team:

  • Gabriel Jaimes Illanes
  • Daniel Illanes Peredo
  • Javier Cadima García
  • Andrea Illanes

Thanks to The International Astronomical Union (IAU), the host institution of the San Agustín College, Heroes del Boquerón College, SIE - Integral Energy Services, Outreach Coordinator - IAU, Space Generation Advisory Council, NASE , Icarus Group, Kronos Cultural Center, September 21 College, and all participants for their interest in this event.



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