Azhy Hasan


Very long time spent after our last activity in AWB as (Amaterur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan - AAAK) thats due to a very bad security and military circumastances in our region and Iraq after the black occupation of ISIS.

Thank to Allah, now every thing is better and here we are return to AWB Community with a new organization named (Kurdistan Astronomical Organization - KAO)  just like old days of our early beginning sa (AAAK).

InOMN 2019 was our return celebration after we made it last evening, Saturday 5, 2019 in (Minara Park) of (Erbil city) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, using our main AWB's donated MEADE LX200 8" and Nazar Sallam's (EMIRATE'S MOBILE OBSERVATORY) donated 80 mm ED Celestron telescope.

It wa really wonderful and pleasure moments after we let several people with verity ages to looking at the Moon through the telescope to that charming object up there!

We are glad to made this activity as a Return Night to AWB.  


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  • 07 October 2019
    HI Azhy, great to hear from you and your new activities. I am happy that we have you on board again :-)) I am looking forward to hear more from you and KAO - hopefully with many great images and wonderful artworks like you have always done for our community. Don't forget our AWB NCs Network - Discussion Group ;-)
    Warm greetings and all the best wishes
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