Annular Solar Eclipse Public Observation Camp 2019 December 26

On 26th of coming December, As Sri Lanka got a very rare opportunity to observe an annular solar eclipse which was occurred during 7.45 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. time, we, J'Pura Astronomy Club (with the technological support of Arthur C. Clarke Institute and with the facilitation given by Security Force Headquarters, Iranamdu) have organized a public solar eclipse observational camp along with a special astronomical research project. We planned to conduct this camp in Iranamadu as the central pathway of the solar eclipse falls directly across it. For the programme, 52 university students plus 2 lecturers participated, also we were able to provide this valuable opportunity for school children in the area and outsiders as well (Around 600 participants in total).

The main objective of conducting this camp is to popularize astronomy based activities in rural areas in Sri Lanka, making school children and other people interested of the subject. This event also highlighted the safety precautions that should be followed when observing a solar eclipse as we guided them to observe the event safely through telescopes with special safety filters, by letting them use safety solar viewers for a safe and memorial solar eclipse experience. Most importantly, we largely focused on providing basic scientific knowledge on different types of solar eclipses such as total, annular and partial eclipses, highlighting their differences. Considering all the above objectives, our programme was looking forward to increase peoples' awareness on astronomy, reflecting all the advantages of it on human society.

Time Lapse video of the Annular Solar Eclipse 2019, as seen from Iranamadu, Sri Lanka.

Some newspaper articles about annular solar eclipse with the images of our observation camp are given below.

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