Haldia Institute of Management located in Haldia ,West Bengal,India for the first time since it's inception in 2004 has started an Astronomy Club. The main purpose of this club is to encourage students of the Insitute and other nearby schools students to gain knowledge on Astronomy and Cosmology. The Chairperson of the Institute Dr.Lakshman Chandra Seth encouraged the 6,500 students of ICARE Society to participate in the club activities. He also promised to sponsor a Reflector Telescope for the Club. Mr. Asish Lahiri,Secretary of the Institute and an astronomy enthusiasm also became a member of the club to encourage students,faculties and staff. Advocate Sudipton Seth , Vice President of the club also is encouraging school students to come to the club and star gaze in a monthly activity manner.

Satashi Chatterjee the Secretary of the club and Subra Prakash Nayek the Joint Secretary of the club has formulated a plan to visit schools in Rural West Bengal to promote the ongoing activities in the field of Astronomy.Priyanka Adak and Swatee Biswas ,Joint Treasurers of the club stated that all activities for school students will be free of cost.

Dr.Soumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay emphasised that Rural Bengal have many astronomy enthusiasts but do not have the means to get adequate up to date knowledge. They are thirsty for knowlege and this club will try to quench their thirst by providing up to date knowledge of activities taking place in the field of Astronomy. Haldia Institute of Management Faculty members and the mebers of this club has already started participating in NASA STEM EPDC webinars and gathering knowledge. Soon the club will try to help students of various schools attend these webinars by providing smart class rooms in the Institute.  



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I love astronomy and to encourage students in Rural Bengal started HIM Astronomy Club.I am always mesmerized when I look up in the sky. I have a reflector telescope which I use for Astrophotography.


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