I was invited, to participate in a virtual meeting in Brazil, by Marcelo Souza (AWB-NC of Brazil and founder of  Louis Cruls Astronomy Club). Surprisingly I hat todo the "main programm" ;-)

brasil1200px I thought we have just a little discussion meeting but, my friend Marcelo decided,shortly before running this event, it would be great if I will give nearly a one hour presentation .... so I had to improvise .... actually I had nothing prepared for this ;-) so I talked about our local activities in Corona-times and therefore I presented our astronomy associations website "Kepler Sternwarte Linz" (Johannes Kepler Observatory in Linz/Austria).
I was very tired, because when this meeting started in Brazil it was there 21:00 evening time and here in Austria it was between 2:00 and 3:00 morning local time.  Additionally I had to fight with software and my Notebook, my screen was too small to check everything on one display, and totally unprepared I was struggling for words. Excuse my bad English, but this was no real problem because the audience listing to us have not been English nativspeakers and Marcelo translated everything to Portuguese.

collage brasil1 1200px

I think I did my best and told what people and astronomy club members can do at home, in their backyards, in their cities using a balcony or at least a window, to make astronomical observations and images. I also talked about using remote telescopes and presented our local remote telescope project "Kepler Remote Telescope" in the nearby mountains.

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However we had much fun and it was a great pleasure to me to contribute to my Brazilan friends webstream. The most important thing ist to stay together in those times - ONE PEOPLE, ONE SKY !

You can see a record of our last night meeting on FB and Youtube.
Here are the links:FB
Best wishes, stay healthy

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