Mars Opposition

31 July 2018
Rick Heschmeyer
Public Mars Viewing in Topeka, KS

Mars party

31 July 2018 to 01 August 2018
Jayanta Acharya
We are talking about mars with our more then 50 students who...

Mars Program

31 July 2018
Zoe Chee

MARS! Night

31 July 2018 to 01 August 2018
Jennifer Howse
Mars will be at its closest approach on Tuesday July 31, 2018....

火星大接近 Mars closest to Earth

31 July 2018
15年ぶりの「大接近」となる火星を見てみよう! ※雨天曇天時は中止


30 July 2018 to 31 July 2018
Andee Sherwood
MARS CLOSE APPROACH FREE PUBLIC VIEWING EVENT Griffith Observatory provides a rare...

Mars- our inspiration

30 July 2018
Ivo Jokin
During the summer ecological school of the Bulgarian Youth Water Association from...

MARS:Red Planet Rising.

30 July 2018
We shall be hosting a talkshow on MARS:RED PLANET RISING. The National...