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Nov 20

2018 Christmas Star Party

We held a successful Christmas star party last year (2018). There was approximately 40 guests who showed up, though at differing time intervals. We had four telescopes that were assembled, ready to observe the Moon and other objects within observable range. Cloud cover did make seeing conditions challenging, but gradually cleared up to allow for decent viewing. Among our guests were quite a few children with their parents. It is always a joy to be in the company of curious children. One of them came prepared for the occasion with a cool looking printed T-shirt depicting the solar system. His... Read More...

Nov 20

Summer 2019 Competition

Our 2019 summer astronomy competition focused on essays arguing for why Guyana needs to preserve its dark skies. Below is the winning essayist who won herself a 70mm refractor telescope based on total average score among several other subsmissions. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. WE SHOULD PRESERVE ACCESS TO THE NIGHT SKY 2019. By Dharsanie Rampersaud Growing up, I was fortunate and still am to relish in the beauty and grandeur of the night sky. Whatever I'm today is because of the perspectives I have gained by looking at the night sky, and contemplating my... Read More...

Jun 15

Star Party at the Seawall in Georgetown

Guyana has gorgeous dark skies. So naturally, it would be ideal for star parties. A star party is when a group of people gather to observe the wonders of the universe using a telescope, and have discussions on space and time. Back in May 2016, I got the idea to host a ‘star party' due to an increasing outpour of interest in observing the night sky from friends and family who kept asking me when I would be available to take my telescope out so they too can experience the wonders of the universe we live in. So I created... Read More...