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Jun 28

GAM2016 Opened a Window to Connect People to the Sky!

Introduction Global Astronomy Month (GAM) provides again new chances for all people around the world to observe night sky and enjoy observing the heavens above. It opens new windows of opportunity for amateur astronomers, teachers, astro-photographers and even astrophysics and astronauts to share their knowledge and experiences with public and new generations. GAM gathers new ideas not only in astronomy but also in “Art, Culture and Peace” by connecting people across the world together through the astronomy! GAM 2016 inspired a lot of citizens to share their joy and happiness by observing celestial bodies with each other in Saadat-shahr ,... Read More...

Jul 17

Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky (ASPS) - GAM2015

Once again we celebrated the world's largest global celebration of astronomy in Saadat-shahr through Global Astronomy Month 2015. Several education & observation programs were conducted by Astronomical Society of Pasargad Sky (ASPS) for Iranian and Afghan refugee students, families and other citizens, young and old, men and women, in schools, popular streets, parks, and even in world heritage site of Pasargad. We shared the stunning night sky above, and people enjoyed watching beautiful stars, moon, and planets during GAM2015. We beleive that astronomy is the strongest thing which can gather all of us around the world together as a big... Read More...