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May 09

GAM 2019 by NEOA-JBS

During the GAM 2019 our local group, NEOA-JBS, organized four meetings in Abril 3, 10, 17 and 24. On April 3 we present three talks: (1) How "Global Astronomy Month" begun? (2) Stephen Hawking (3) Olympic Moment: Question about celestial sphere On April 10 four talks were present: (1) The first IAU's event about amateur astronomers (2) SONEAR Observatory (3) "Amateur Astronomy" and "Professional Astronomy" - can you discern the difference? (4) Amateurs astronomers and outreach During April 17's meeting talks were about ethnoastronomy as follows: (1) Tupi-guarani astronomy (2) Andean astronomy (3) "Zodiacal" astronomy On April 24 another three... Read More...

Mar 27

Fireball over Santa Catarina (Brazil)

On Sunday, March 24, 2019, at 21:40 UT (18:40 EBT), several people observed a fireball with magnitude roughly -12. Some observers sent their data to International Meteor Organization and they are available here: At least one video was recorded by an observer in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and is at this link: Preliminary results was published in our Newsletter Observe! , April 2019 issue, pages 16-17, available at this link: Read More...

Feb 21

Lunar eclipse observation

NEOA-JBS observed, registered and published data for the total lunar eclipse in 21 January 2019. The minimum global magnitude of the eclipsed moon was estimated to -1.5. This is a little fainter than predictions made by Helio Vital, who pointed a minimum magnitude around -2.7. This suggests that eclipse was darker than predited. Observers did Danjon estimates and the mean value was between L=1.5 and L=2.5 during totality. Marcelo Zurita (BRAMON) shared its meteoroid flash registered at 04:41:38 UT. A total of 19 observers shared their data and results were published in NEOA's Newsteller called Observe! February 2019. This newsletter... Read More...