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Member Reports from Billal Bensalah

Jul 28

Red Planet Rising: Night of Mars 07-2018

-On Friday 27 July 2018, Starting at 6:00 pm, the equipment for the special astronomical event was prepared from members of Astro Club in Guerrara (Algeria). -We waited for the moon to rise from the eastern horizon at the same time as sunset and the rise of red planet after a few moments, where the first phase of the eclipse began and its color turned to dark gray. at 8:00 pm, people began to come to the place of event (Inorar Square). where we installed two telescopes with one binocular and a medium screen for viewing via the camera. -However,... Read More...

Apr 25

Astronomical activity for young kids with disabilities.

On Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 10:00 pm Under the initiative of the Association EL-BASMA from Guerrara, I have animated an astronomy program for her members. - Observation of: Moon, Jupiter and its four moons.. - Explanation of the features and motion of the planets of our solar system. This highly succesfull event brought smiles and new expertise to young kids with disabilities. I am proud to have worked hand in hand with the EL-Basma Association to bring some unforgettable moments to young students. Read More...

Apr 14

Journey in The Night Sky - Students of University - Guerrara

On 28 March 2018 , at Elhayat Institute - Guerrara, Algeria The Astronomic Club of Association Angham Elhayat organized for some students of Ghardaia university an astronomical presentation: A journey in The Night Sky. and observation of moon and the alignment of Jupiter and its Galilean Moons with an explanation of the most important stars and constellations. Presentation : Observation : Read More...

Aug 13

Perseid meteor Shower, Guerrara 12/08/2012

Night with the Stars : Perseid meteor Shower On Sunday, August 12, 2012, at 22:00 .Scientifique Club of Guerrara organized a trip to the outskirts of Guerrara for observation the astronomical phenomenon ' Perseid meteor Shower ' This is by the following program: - Make a presentation on the definition of meteors, during which questions about the topic of the participants. - A presentation about use of the camera and the basics of astro-photography - From 00:00 we select the appropriate location, and open horizon toward the constellation Perseus and turn off all sources of light and we started monitoring.... Read More...

May 10

Astronomical Club of Guerrara/Algeria

Evening astronomical On the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin , first man in space on 12 April 2012, Science Club of Guerrara in Algeria, presented this evening astronomical about this great achievement in human history And presenting the most important developments in astronomy with the astronomical observation of the moon , Saturn and Mars. Presentation: (billal ben salah) Observation : (Med Aissa Moussa) thank you for all. Read More...