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Jan 28

Small GEO lift off

Jan 28


Astro Clock Dedfine The sun & moon at Their Transit Read More...

Jan 28

The Time

The Time The Time is can be reckoned in the space at any random point. But ending of reckoning is not possible. Beginning of the time reckoning is can be do any random point of the infinite space time but reckoning of the ending point of time's are not possible. From which origin point to time begin? This is not too be verified that, from which origin point to time begin. So that this is very difficult to say that about farming of the cosmos & time started get togather in the past moment & that point oh the space,... Read More...

Nov 26

The time

The time distribution of an era : - Four steps are becomes in one large era. Their names & time duration is given as follows. Satya era = 1728000solar years, tretaa era = 1296000solar years, dwaapara era = 864000solar years, kali era = 432000solar years, Sum of above four eras are becomes equal to one large era. One large era = 4320000solar years. Thousands of large eras are becomes equal to one Kalpa. According to ancient Indian astronomy, from beginning of Kali era to beginning of shake era had elapsed 3179 solar year & at present time of shake era... Read More...