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Member Reports from Gary

Apr 17

Global Star Party TRIATHLON

by Gary

What can we do differently on Global Star Party 2016? The Manila Street Astronomers already conducts free telescope viewings twice a month from October to May (during the First Quarter and the Full Moon). So what difference would another free telescope viewing (FTV) make? The answer we came up with is simple. If there's a Messier Marathon, why shouldn't there be a FTV Marathon? Let's make this year's Global Star Party, a TRIATHLON. Instead of conducting a FTV just on the Global Star Party date itself, let's make it on three consecutive dates: pre, peri and post on April 15,... Read More...

Apr 25

On Global Star Parties and Birthdays

by Gary

The Manila Street Astronomers are weekend amateur astronomers. Because of this, today is its last day of participation in GAM 2015. But what a way to end the celebration though – with a bang and not a whimper. The sky was clear all throughout the night. We not only showed the public Jupiter and the almost First Quarter Moon but also Saturn. We may not have been able to join the hangoutathon because of poor internet connection but the event tonight was thrice the “oohs” and “aahs.”   Today is also my 49 th birthday. Spending your birthday conducting a... Read More...