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Member Reports from Dhruv Paranjpye

Apr 15

Sherlock Astronomy

As a part of Global Astronomy Month, Akashmitra has announced its "Sherlock Astronomy" lecture series. This lecture series is aimed at decoding scientific information from an astrophotograph or a solar eclipse map using very basic and simple knowledge. Our first lecture will be on "Eclipse Maps" by our member Harshad Abhyankar. Take a look at the poster attached!   Read More...

Apr 13

Public Star Party on 11/12th April, 2015

Introduction: As a part of Global Astronomy Month, 2015, Akashmitra organized a public star party at Pirangut (25 km from the city of Pune) on 11 th /12 th April, 2015. There were a total of 36 people for the event. Many of them were coming for the first time for a star gazing session and had got to know about them from our Facebook page. Report: The star party was about to be rescheduled when there were big grey clouds spotted in Pune at about 2pm and rains in some parts of the city as well. However the locals... Read More...