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Member Reports from Exoss Citizen Science

Apr 13

Municipal Observatory of Campinas register several sprites on April 11

On the evening of Tuesday 11 April, one of the four cameras plains of municipal observatory recorded an intense Transient Events activities Bright or TLE's. Read More...

Apr 13

Bright meteor recorded in northern ES

A bright meteor was recorded on the northern sky of the Holy Spirit in the early hours of April 13, 2017 at 00:25 am local time. The event was recorded partly due to cloud cover over the city of Victoria, site monitoring station which recorded the meteor. Read More...

Apr 08

Jupiter opposition from Brazil

Astrophotography by Robert Magno on Chapeco-SC, Brazil, with Jupiter on opposition and Europa, Ganimedes and Calisto. Read More...

Oct 20

Fireball over Espirito Santo - Brazil

A bright fireball over Espirito Santo, Brazil on oct,20. See video: Read More...

Jun 13

Meteor fireball over Sao Paulo

A fireball visual reported over Sao Paulo on, filmed by Exoss Citizen Science, brazilian meteor monitoring. See video: Read More...

May 27

Meteor fireball over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On may, 25 a meteor fireball registered over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Exoss station on Itaguai filmed this bright meteor. See vídeo . Read More...

May 17

Bright bolide recorded over Espirito Santo, Brazil

Bolide recorded in southern Espirito Santo. The Exoss Citizen Science recorded a bolide early on 05/16/2016 at 4:22 am on the cities of the southern state of Espirito Santo . The event was filmed by three monitoring stations : Colatina -ES , San Jose de Uba -RJ and Campos dos Goytacazes -RJ. More details in See video. Read More...

Mar 24

How stuff works? Double stations for meteor monitoring ‪

Do you know how it is done monitoring meteors with CCTV cameras? See this animation: Versão português: Versión Español: See more Read More...

Nov 05

The "space bulls" 2015 - Taurids

Every year the Earth passes through the meteor stream called Complex of Taurids in two periods: Jun / Jul and October / November. In the first period produces meteors coming from the Earth's dayside, so less vigorous. However, the second period produces particularly interesting meteors to the observer, particularly those aware of bolides view (fireballs). The Taurids swarm is a dynamic system composed of a multitude of fragments, ranging from micro dimensions of the kilometrics, orbiting the Sun two well-known rains are linked to such site:. Southern and Northen Taurids. The parental body associated with the production of debris in... Read More...

Nov 05

Bolide in Rio de Janeiro

At 01: 59h local time a large meteor crossed the ocean toward the state of Rio de Janeiro and its glare in the sky was realized in several states of the southeast region of the country. The preliminary data indicate an intense glow, much larger than the full moon and a higher trajectory 150km over the skies of the southeast coast of the country. The meteor lasted about 5 seconds to disintegrate on the Earth's atmosphere and several reports are being sent to the Exoss. Three stations Exoss Citizen Science registered the bolide. See more in Read More...