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Member Reports from Eyad S. Khailany

Nov 12

The Transit of Mercury in Erbil

AOYA has organized an astronomy activity at the Danielle Mitterand French School of Erbil on the morning hours of Monday, November 11. Unfortunately, the transit was visible only after 3:40 pm local time, it was not possible to carry on with any visual observation. Our team has given a 2 hours presentation tackling this rare astronomical event followed by a Q & A session. The feedback we received from the school management showed a very successful and informative event that was highly appreciated by students and the school's teaching team alike. We installed a telescope indoor and students were encouraged... Read More...

Oct 21

Astronomy in the Nutshell for beginners!

Sponsored by Re:Coded House in Erbil, The head of AOYA (the Association of Young Astronomy), has given a two and a half hour presentation titled "Astronomy in the Nutshell for the Beginners". In fact education has come up to better standards in Kurdistan allowing an ever growing number of youths who have built a very strong interest in astronomy but still lack the basic knowledge and therefore have no clue of where and how to make a proper start. Hence came our endeavor to guide those enthusiasts and help put them on the right track through learning the preliminary skills... Read More...

Oct 06

International Observe The moon Night 2019 in Erbil, Iraq

Hosted by the International Maarif Schools in Erbil, AOYA has invited the public to attend a night dedicated to observing the moon on Saturday, October 5th. This event was precceded by a 4 day activity program including a lunar photo contest, moon painting, poetry, and creating 3D models of the lunar features. The event was a great sucess, children have added a nice atmosphere and were left speechless when saw the detailed features of the moon as being projected from the scope onto the desplay. We have answered numerous questions about the moon by visitors from all ages and cultural... Read More...

Jul 14

Celebrating the First Moon Landing!

AOYA was Celebrating the 50th anniversary for the first landing on the Moon; on the night of July 12th. 2019 !! Special thanks to; Explore Scientific USA who donated this state-of-the-art telescope & Astronomers Without Borders for their sincere efforts to make our work possible. We'd also like to thank all the people who showed up to the events, and thanks to our location provider; The Book Cafe' in Dream City, Erbil. Eyad S. khailany Founder/Astronomy of Young Astronomy AOYA Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Read More...

May 07

Thank You AWB!!

Many months ago, our only scope suffered some damage that was beyond any reapire. We felt that our efforts to educate the public in astronomy had come to an end. We lost all hope as it was, and still is, almost impossible to get a new scope! But thanks to Astromomers Without Borders sincere efforts and care, an excellent scope was donated to us through Expolore Scientific. We couldn't have imagined to receive a replacement far superior to what we had lost. Our dreams have just come true! Only today and after more than a month, our tideus attempts to... Read More...

Apr 21

Exploring the Moon - Public Outreach

AOYA has celebrated the Global Astronomy Month 2019 this weekened at the premises of International Maarif School in Erbil. The school students, their family members, staff and outside participants had some great opportunities to explore the detailed lunar terrains at a decent magnification through or scope. The event was very exciting to all the attendees who very musch appreciated this opportunity. We're looking forward to clearing weather in the coming days to plan for more celebrating events. AOYA Team / Educating the Public ! Read More...

Feb 02

Free Astronomy Classes at International Maarif Schools!

As part of our endeavor to spreading around the knowledge of astronomy among the publics in this region; AOYA offered free astronomy classes to the kids of International Maarif Schools in Erbil; Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Today the first batch of kids was introduced to the basics astronomy; the kids have learned how to find their way in the night sky and they custom made their own star wheels! The initial class was very successful and informative; therefore AOYA will continue its relentless efforts with the other batches this program in the coming few weeks. AOYA will also call... Read More...

Jul 28

Best of Mars!

Members of AOYA in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq, and numerous guests and visitors have been baffled by the view of Mars at its best last night through the eyepiece of our telescope, and which as well covered by the local news media. The century longest totallunar eclipse was as well a favorite topic for observation and intellectual discussion too. Our team has briefed attendees with some information about the red planet and we we were there to answer each and every question. " People from all ages, ethnic or cultural backgrounds have come together today to observe these... Read More...

Jun 02

Star Party

Last night AOYA star party and casual observation session sponsored by Shakespeare's & Co. Erbil. During this event, both kids and grown ups have enjoyed and appreciated the thorough look at many of the lunar features in incredible details and clarity. Also Shakespeare's & Co. valued guests were rewarded with a further look at Jupiter with all its glory surrounded by 4 of its brightest moons, followed by observing the beautiful ringed planet Saturn. To many of the guests, thi s was their ever first experience which hopefully will bring the best of their interest in Astronomy, and that's exactly... Read More...

Jun 03

AOYA present at the CISK Annual Science Fair 2016

CISK Kurdistan organizes a science fair on a large scale annually. This year (also previous one) AOYA was at the heart of this magnificent event. AOYA kids and members displayed a variety of exhibits including an intriguing photo gallery depicting several astrphotograpy images shot by members, 3 different types of Celestron telescopes and a rare asteroid/meteorite fragment of almost 95% iron and 5% cobalt and nickel. AOYA valued members explained to the countless number of visitors all about the importance of astronomy and astrophysics as a key to understanding the universe and where did we come from and where we... Read More...

Apr 01

AOYA Stargazing Session

On the night of Friday, April 1st. AOYA members and guests spent some valuable quality time observing the magnificent planet Jupiter and many other DSO's. Our kids also were briefed with some information on the celestial objects they were observing through the eyepiece of a Celestron NexStar 8" SE. The gathering was highly educational and fun! Read More...

Mar 27

Zodiacal light in the western skies after dark

AOYA kids have skilfully captured this wide field image of the constellation Orion with much of its surroundings in the western skies right after nightfall. The Zodiacal Light is very evident in this image too as it stretches in the bottom up untill the middle of the frame. In the coming few days our dedicated members will continue their efforts to capture more vivid images of this interesting celestial phenomenon. Of course phtography through a telesopes will never serve this purpose, therefore our kids will endeavour to capture it through a low power camera body and zoom only. Read More...

Mar 19

Astronomy for the School Kids in Kurdistan

AOYA in Erbil, KRG (Northern Iraq) gathers school kids regularily to teach them the fundemental basics of Astronomy. AOYA usually arranges night time observation sessions too. This image of the Great Nebula in Orion; Messier 42 was shot through Celestron Nexstar 8" SE and a Canon DSLR camera in a 20 second exposure by our members a few weeks ago. We're poor in resources however but we do have the passion to further increase the awareness of the importance of Astronomy among the humble people of Kurdistan. Read More...