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Member Reports from Club de Ciencia Boadilla

Apr 28

Solar observation of Club de Ciencia Boadilla on April 28th 2018

Club de Ciencia Boadilla has organized a solar observation with h-alfa telescope, on April 28th 2018 according to its program of activities for this month. The sky was very cloudy which caused that only 8 optimistic astronomy amateurs have attended the activity. It was only possible to observe well the Sun just brief periods of time, during which we were able to see a plain Sun without solar protuberances, or other interesting solar phenomena on its surface. During the cloudy periods the group had the opportunity to review basic Solar physics and to discuss about different solar surface phenomena. We... Read More...

Apr 21

Astronomical Observation of Club de Ciencia Boadilla on April 20th 2018

Club de Ciencia Boadilla has organized a public astronomical observation on the night of Friday April 20th, in a public area close to Aula Medioambiental of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid / Spain). Although the nigh was cold a total of 22 adults plus several children attended the event. The Sky conditions were good, without clouds or wind and there were five telescopes installed from several partners of Club de Ciencia: one Smith-Cassegrain of 20cm, two newtonians of 13cm and two refractors of 8 cm. We started with the visual identification of several stars and asterims, and although we were in... Read More...