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Member Reports from Zoran Tomić

Nov 11

Mercury transit from Krusevac in Serbia

In Krusevac, Serbia members of Astronomical Society Eureka have successfully organized observation of the transit of Mercury. Members of the Society were able to record the flow of transit from the beginning to the maximum, when the Sun set down. Many citizens who were in the park together with members were able to observe and photograph the transit wiuth telescope SkyWatcher 90/900 using indirect method of observation, while the telescope SkyWytcher 150/750 was used to photographe transit with NikonD3100 camera. We can say that this event was a success and we hope to further similar events. Read More...

Sep 01

Astronomical activity in Krusevac, Serbia for August 2011

In the future I will write on this blog monthly reports on activities implemented in Serbia (my hometown Krusevac) in order to promote astronomy and science. In August we organized observation of meteor Perseid shower on Bagdala hill in the city. This is the darkest part within the city where it can be seen the night sky, and that light pollution does not affect the experience too much. The observations were on 12th and 13th August. There were about 18 observers and we have seen for both nights over 20 meteors in total. From the equipment we used refractor telescope... Read More...

Aug 04

10th Annual astronomical camp “Letenka” in Serbia - report

This year's International Astronomical Camp “Letenka”, which is already a traditional annual event in the Southeastern Europe, was held from 21 st to 24 th of July. This was the 10 th time the camp was held and as one of the organizers, Aleksandar Zorkić, editor-in-chief of “Astronomski Magazin”, an astronomy magazine and web-site, said that next year's camp is also going to be jubilee 10 th . Everyone had great expectations from this camp, especially concerning the program. Let me say, here at the beginning, that the camp was excellently organized and that this year's organization was much better... Read More...