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Member Reports from Institute of Astronomy , Sri Lanka

Apr 28

IOAS Astrophilia

Astrophilia offers the global opportunity for people of all backgrounds and experience levels; Outreach professionals, educators, amateur and professional astronomers, and astronomy enthusiasts to participate in online astronomy activities who want to use astronomy to cope with the long times they spend indoors and connect online with their communities. Of a person transmitting his night sky view through a telescope at his window; capturing a celestial object; virtual meetings; doing fun activities at home; playing games like solving puzzles; measure knowledge by participating in online questionnaires; online astronomy challenges and express creative ideas about astronomy by quoting a poem, writing... Read More...

Jul 20

Moon eclipse recorded on 16th of July 2019

This partial moon eclipse was taken by Institue of Astronomy, Sri Lanka Read More...

May 16

Solar activity on 8th May 2019- IOAS OBSERVATORY

Solar Activities Date: 08.05.2019 Time: 10.50 am Location: IOAS Observatory Equipment: coronado 60 mm double stack solarmax ii, Nikon D3300, Celestron SE mount Credit: Banuka Dimuthu, Jude Vijayanga WIjesekera Read More...

Apr 08

Luna Surface details

Moon craters 1 Bonprand 2 Parry 3 Tolansky 4 Parry M 5 Fra Mauro Formation: Fra Mauro is a widespread hilly geological area covering large portions of the lunar surface around Mare Imbrium, and is thought to be composed of ejecta from the impact which formed Imbrium. The area is primarily composed of relatively low ridges and hills, between which exist undulating valleys. Much of the ejecta blanket from the Imbrium impact is covered with debris from younger impacts and material churned up by possible moonquakes. Debris found in the formation may have originated from deep beneath the original crust,... Read More...

Apr 05

Earth Science - Open Lecture (PAST EVENT)

Institute of Astronomy, Colombo, Sri Lanka organized an open lecture on “Earth Science”. Our objective of this is to raise awareness and knowledge on earth activities such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, earth's magnetic field, earth's gravitational field, tidal forces and etc. Our target audience is school students and school teachers. Lecture delivered by Miss. H. M. Ishani (Geologist, MSc in Environmental science (reading), University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka). Website:- Date:- 03/03/2019 Location:- Koswatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka Read More...

Apr 05

Week of Practical Astronomy (PAST EVENT)

Institute of Astronomy, Colombo, Sri Lanka organized a series of workshops for school students regarding practical astronomy. During the workshop series, we taught about telescope usage, techniques of standard observation reports, theories of telescopes and observation astronomy (field of view, eyepieces, use of equatorial mounts, use of filters, use of star maps, astronomy cameras etc.). This workshop series is free of charge for students those who between 14 years to 19 years able to participate this event. In the matter of fact, we are able to obtain interest in observation field among the students. Duration:- 11/02/2019 - 15/02/2019 Read More...

Apr 05

Solar Activities- photography

Solar Activities Date: 21.02.2019 Time: 10.35 am Location: OKI International School, Wattala, Sri Lanka Equipments: coronado 60 mm double stack solarmax ii, Nikon D3300, Celestron SE mount Credit: Banuka Dimuthu, Randika Mendis Our Website All are reserved to IOAS Read More...

Apr 05

Solar Observation Program (28th Feburary 2019)

OKI International School is one of the major international schools in Sri Lanka. They organized a science exhibition for school students. Organizers' goal is to raise awareness of STEM education and encourage the students to engage themselves in STEM subject related activities. Organizers invited the Institute of Astronomy, Colombo, Sri Lanka to be a part of this event. Our institute works as the astronomy knowledge and resource sharing partner. We included telescopes in order to give a basic idea to the students regarding how a telescope works and how to use it and also to expose the students to use... Read More...