Seasons without Borders is a project developed by AWB Affiliates in Brazil, India and Iraq. The days of the change of seasons are used as a time to explore the motion of the Sun in our sky as we travel around it throughout the year. A solstice is a day when the Sun is at its farthest point north in the sky (beginning the southern summer and the northern winter) and its farthest point south in the sky (beginning the northern summer and the southern winter). An equinox is when the Sun is directly over the equator, and marks the beginning of spring or fall.

Groups have special activities for these interesting days including comparing the position of the Sun (by measuring shadows) in locations at different latitudes, star parties for the public and connecting with other Affiliates to share observations from different parts of the world. Registered Affiliates can be matched with others on the opposite side of the equator who they can talk with by video conference for the event. Reports and photos are posted in the forum and gallery.

Current Events:

Equinox March 2012


Past Events:

SwB: December 2011 Solstice


SwB - 4    December 21 2010


SwB-2 December 2009


SwB-1 June 2009