Saturn Event Reports

May 18

Activities in Spain May 2019

Estas son las diferentes actividades que las diferentes asociaciones de España han marcado para este mes de mayo: 2.- Conferencia "El trabajo de la astronomía de las ondas gravitacionales" en... Read More...

Jan 26

Super Eclipse da Lua no Perigeu

Gunstar team opens the door of its headquarters in Goiania for an evening of astronomy and friendship with more than 7 telescopes for the great public to observe the Eclipse... Read More...

Jan 08

The Largest Astronomical Competition in Sri Lanka - Star party 2019, Organizes for 15th consecutive year.

Star Party 2019, kandy , Sri Lanka Largest all island astronomical observation competition and workshop for high school students in Sri Lanka. Annually organized since 2004 by Anandian Astronomical Association... Read More...

Dec 23

“400 Year Anniversary of 3rd Kepler LAW“ - this year's last presentation

The Austrian Academy of Sciences invited to honour Johannes Kepler on 18 th Dezember 2018 during a symposium titled “Johannes Kepler and the Red Planet“. Left the programm-cover and right... Read More...

Dec 19

Pacman Nebula by Prof. Daniel Bertesteanu, Bucharest Astroclub, Romania

At 9,200 light years from us, in the Perseus arm of our Galaxy, there is NGC 281, an emission nebulae that can be seen in the direction of the constellation... Read More...

Dec 07

Discovery Report from International Astronomical Search Collaboration

I'm so proud to announce that our team in Afaghrahbar Azarbayjan institute, from the October 2018 campaign of IASC, has discovered 2 asteroids attained provisional status. In the first step,... Read More...

Dec 04

The Adventure of Golden Records 3

The Adventure of Golden Record's III. Adventure of the golden discs on the legendary scientist Carl Sagan and the golden discs of Voyager. Celebrating the National Astronomy Day in Brazil.... Read More...

Dec 03


Konstantin Gracanin is 11 years old and goes to the elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia. He made a project to show how our planet looks from inside. Read More...

Dec 01

Supernova from M77, picture from Bucharest Astroclub, Romania on November 30th, 2018

47 million years ago, a giant star from the Messier 77 Galaxy in the direction of the constellation Cetus collapsed gravitationally. In a few seconds, it nucleus undergoes a cataclysmic... Read More...

Nov 15

Building STEM spyglasses for Puerto Rico and Ciencia PR

While working with my astronomy students at Pensacola State College, the Escambia Amateur Astronomers built and distributed over 100 Galileoscopes, equipped with Baader solar filters from our sponsor, Draco Productions,... Read More...

Nov 05

Hope in the brightness of the stars for Brazil.

After the Epic Year of Astronomy in 2009, with 100 hours of Astronomy, clubs and Self-appointed Organizations appear in hundreds, and of course Brazil was no different, Brazil enjoyed one... Read More...

Nov 01

My visit to ASTROFEST 2018 in Targoviste/Romania

Crossing borders again and meeting friends from around the globe. Following some of my impressions Valentin Grigore the Romanian AWB- National Coordinator announced, due to late funding grants very short... Read More...

Nov 01

Late flashback - AWB@IAU-GA2018 in Vienna

Better late than never following some pictures and notes to remember the XXXth General Assembly, August 20-31, 2018. As part of a nice collaboration between professional and amateurastronomers I had... Read More...

Oct 28

Unawe Malaysia Young Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018

6 October 2018 - Apadilangit (Universe Awareness Malaysia) organized Malaysia Space Camp in conjunction with World Space Week 2018. Main objective of this camp is to inspire Malaysia young generation... Read More...

Oct 22

San Antonio Astronomical Association - Celestron NexYZ

My name is Mike Young. I am a member of the San Antonio Astronomical Association. I am very active with Daneille in our outreach activities. I have the Celestron NexYZ... Read More...

Aug 12

Astronomy & Night Sky Summer Series - Perseid Meteor Shower

We started the event with 3 Astronomy 101 presentations with 187 participants in attendance. During the presentations we gave an overview of the objects visible in the night sky. These... Read More...

Jul 22

Astro Fest 2018

This was a great event out at the Lake Afton Public Observatory. There had to be around 500 guests. We had lots of activities set up for the visitors to... Read More...

Jul 16

Astronomy & Night Sky Summer Series

We started the event with 3 Astronomy 101 presentations with 253 participants in attendance. During the presentations we gave an overview of the objects visible in the night sky and... Read More...

Jul 03

Opposition of Saturn

We started off viewing Venus, then Jupiter. We went to the Moon then finally Saturn. I explained the best time to view the Moon when it isn't so full with... Read More...

Jun 25

Open and Free Public Astronomical Observation to All Interested

In the name of Jorge Barboza, Lucas Fiori Izaias and Marcos Antonio Amateur Astronomers and Founders of the Group of Astronomical Studies of Iguaraçu - PR (GEAI) in partnership with... Read More...