global astronomy day

13 May 2016
ali shahbazi
in this programm we will perform an Exhibition and we will show...

2016 Transit of Mercury - Live webcast

09 May 2016
Bareket Observatory
A free, live webcast from Bareket Observatory in Israel will feature the...

Mercury Transit Viewing

09 May 2016
Lara Eakins
Viewing of the Mercury transit with a heliostat image projected on the...

Mercury Transit Viewing from SDO

09 May 2016
Dean Pesnell
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory will be showing the 2016 Transit of Mercury...

Photographing and Evaluating the Transit of Mercury

09 May 2016
Udo Backhaus
As with Venus 2012 we are organizing a little international project for...

Transit of Mercury

09 May 2016
Michel Deconinck
Public observation of the Mercury transit in a very nice place, close...

Transit of Mercury

09 May 2016
Coats Observatory
Safe telescope observation of the transit of Mercury across the face of...


09 May 2016
George Troullias
In Cyprus the transit is visible during day, and the Observatory prepared...