"Marte con Arte en MACU" ("MARs with ARt at MACU")

28 April 2016
Carmen A. Pantoja
"Marte con Arte en MACU" ("MARs with ARt at MACU") Celebrating Global...

Sun day

24 April 2016
Hatim madani
Sun observations with tleescope opened for general public and children.

Sun Day - Public Solar Viewing - Sternfreunde Steyr

24 April 2016
Rudi Dobesberger
Solar observation during international Sun Day as event at Global Astronomy Month...

SunDay & educational research conference

24 April 2016
Leus Elena
April 24 at 10.00 in a new Omsk planetarium street Partizanskaya, 4A...

Sunday - Día del Sol

24 April 2016
Victoriano Canales Cerda
The Sun, our star, our main source of heat and energy, which...

Sunday - public solar observation

24 April 2016
Johannes Stübler
Public solar observation during international "Sunday". Members of Linzer Astronmical Society are...