April 1 - 30, 2016

Astronomers Without Borders has a very active AstroArts community, and we want to encourage the next generation of AstroArtists. So for GAM2016 we are introducing the first GAM Children's AstroArt Contest.

The contest is open to everyone 18 years and under. There are four categories: 6 and under, 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18.

Entries must be approved by a parent, guardian or teacher. Teachers, we encourage you to get your whole class involved!

Click on the picture above to download a printable version that you can hang up in your school or classroom!

The theme for the contest 'The Diverse Universe' to celebrate the inaugural Diverse Universe Week which is also a part of GAM2016. To enter simply create an artwork that expresses this theme however you choose to interpret it. The form of the artwork is very open, but it must be a creative piece, so astrophotgraphy is not accepted. (If you wish to enter an astrophotgraphy contest check out the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2016).

The artwork must be submitted digitally, so if you have created a physical piece, please submit a high quality photograph of the work, making sure it is clear and easy to see.  

We will pick three winning entries from each category which will be used to make greeting cards and a 2017 calendar, which will be available for purchase in our store - the proceeds of which will support AWB's outreach and education programs.


The prizes will be the same across all three categories

  • 1st place - Copy of the calendar and greeting card set featuring the winning artworks
  • 2nd place - Copy of the calendar
  • 3rd places - copy of the greeting card set.

Make sure you read the RULES before entering.

This competition is now closed