Milky Way over Petrified Forest (c) Wally Pacholka30 April, 2016 18:00 UT 

You've seen the amazing landscape astrophotography produced by the team from The World at Night (TWAN) -- the sky above Earth's most beautiful and interesting natural and cultural landmarks.

Now find out what these experts go through in their efforts to capture these stellar masterpieces. From polar bears to hostile rock-throwing natives, from pole-to-pole, it's not always easy.

We'll hear from Wally Pacholka, Yuichi Takasaki and Oshin Zakarian in a wide-ranging discussion hosted by AWB President Mike Simmons who has also been part of the TWAN effort since the beginning. There will be incredible images AND the heretofore unknown adventures behind them.

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Wally Pacholka specializes in landscape astrophotography of America`s National Parks and great natural landmarks. His celestial photography has earned him both TIME and Life Magazine`s "Picture of the Year" honors. His astro-landscape images have also graced the pages of many other international publications including National Geographic, Newsweek, Encyclopaedia Britannia. NASA selected more than 25 of his images for their record of celestial events.

Yuichi Takasaka’s love of colors in nature led him to his love affair with the Aurora Borealis. Yuichi began photographing the aurora while working at a tour company in Yellowknife, Canada that promoted the aurora tours to the Japanese market. The aurora soon became an important part of his life as he captures both still images and time-lapse videos of the natural phenomenon, while continuing to lead aurora photography tours.

Oshin Zakarian is completely devoted to photography of all kinds but his main interest is in capturing nature and historical landmarks at night during astronomical events. His passion for photographing monuments of different cultures under the same starry sky has led him on many adventures. His photographs have appeared in many publications including America's best-known astronomy magazines. His work has been exhibited in several European countries.

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The image used above is called Milky Way over Petrified Forest by Wally Pacholka.