By Johannes Stübler

This is the 1st GAM post for the Diverse Universe week, April 18-24 2016.

This week's posts on the GAM Blog will focus on the diversity of the global astronomy community. 

Diverse Universe

In those bad times of growing borders, especially here in Europe, and neighbouring countries the idea of a global event without borders, Global Astronomy Month, powered by Astronomers Without Borders becomes more important than ever.

It's really bad to see that more and more people have to flee from their home countries due to war and persecution. The more refugees are on the way, the more fences are setup on European borders und more and more restrictions arise. All this is overlayd by religous misdirection, fanatism and political terror. More and more fear is fanned. It's high noon to fight against this by fair means, peaceful but relentless. To me personally it's nearly unbearable to see how many people, especially in Arabic countries, for example like Syria, suffer from pain and harm.

During my great GAM2010-trip there I met so many enthusiastic and friendly people there, I was allowed to experience so much hospitality and everywhere I felt so much hope and trust in the future.

Today it's painful to see the cradles of mankind, the cradles of science sinking in the dusk.

I know, we cannot do anything specific against this, but we can show the world that people are able to communicate and to collaborate peaceful across any kind of borders and that it is worth doing this.

We are all people doing the same around the globe, fascinated by the wonders of our universe, looking to the starry nightsky, looking to the stars where everything has begun and everything ends. Learning the one and only reality and truth. Independent from religion, politics, sitting all together in our “one and only spaceship earth“ respecting the rules of nature and beeing thankful to learn so much about Man's place in nature. Yes learning and education - that's the key!

People can learn from each other, everything. So let's teach others what they can learn from us. We can try to encourage people around the globe to do the same peaceful thing to celebrate the same harmless but fascinating science called astronomy. GAM - a worldwide unique and annual celebration of astronomy. Connected to the universe, connected to the people around the globe.

We can set an example against the madness of our time. 

We are doing an example – yes we can!

And of course not only during one month – we can do it the whole year, the whole time and everywhere!

The German scientist and popularizer for space and astronomy during the sixities, Heinz Haber (a former kind of Carl Sagan here in Europe), said following words:

"People who are dealing with the universe, behave, up to the smallest things in their live, totally different as somebody who lacks this knowledge!"

There is nothing to add except - there are no borders for the message: "One People, One Sky"!



joeJohannes Stübler Living in Linz/AUSTRIA (called "Keplertown- Linz", because the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler was living and working in Linz during 1612-1626). Being an amateur astronomer for over 35 years, with extreme desire to network with amateur astronomers and even professionals all over the world, I am totally dedicated to the idea and mission of Astronomers Without Borders and trying to live this idea and mission in my daily astronomical life and work.