APRIL 1  17:00 UTC

Join us on April 1st 17:00 UTC for our live GAM Kickoff event on Facebook hosted by Andrew Fazekas, the AWB Communications Manager. National Coordinators from the Kurdistan region - Northern Iraq, Nigeria, and  Romania come together to share their devotion and dedication to astronomy outreach in each of their regions.

About our guests:

Eyad Khailany, AWB National Co-Coordinator, Kurdistan Region - Northern Iraq Region
Eyad is the founder of the Association of Young Astronomers (AOYA) in Erbil, Iraq. He is an amateur astronomer and former physics teacher/lecturer at multiple international schools and institutes in Erbil.
AOYA's goal is to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) about astronomy and related sciences to help people better understand and appreciate the world around them. This vital knowledge will help youth and adults accept religious, political, social and cultural differences.

Niga Mahmood Hasan, AWB National Co-Coordinator, Kurdistan Region - Northern Iraq Region
Niga is a medical student, a universe lover, a curious human being, and an adventurer. Niga is new to AWB, but has been interested in astronomy since she was a child. She and Eyad organized an astronomy outreach event at the Danielle Mitterand French School of Erbil for the Transit of Mercury in 2019.

Olayinka Fagbemiro, AWB National Coordinator, Nigeria
Olayinka is the Assistant Chief Scientific Officer with the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja, Nigeria and currently heads the Space Education Outreach Unit of the Agency. She has spent over 11 years bringing activities to urban and rural school kids, including girls who have been displaced by terrorist groups. Read more.

Valentin Grigore, AWB National Coordinator, Romania
Valentin is the Founder and President of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM). He has been a member of AWB for over 10 years and regularly appears in the Romanian media to discuss astronomy events. He is the founder and organizer of Astro-Fest, an educational astronomy festival based in Targoviste, Romania that reaches thousands of people throughout Romania.