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A brief report

Hello dear and good astro-friends. This is a brief report for GAM 2013 activities in Nicaragua, a country located in Central America.

This activities were made possible with the participation of the Nicaraguan Amateur Astronomers Society, ANASA-Carl Sagan; and the newly inaugurated Neil Armstrong Observatory, ONA. (Website still pending, ugh!)

So, here is the summary of activities:

1. IASC: International Asteroid Search Campaign.

After the big success of the asteroid 2012FE52 discovered by students of the Pierre and Marie Curie School in Managua, a new set of students from this and  the Hispanic-Nicaraguan School joined to 2013 campaign. Sorry, no asteroids this time for both teams.


2. April 6th and 10th: International dark Sky Week.

On April 6th. ANASA traveled to Ciudad Dario, a town located at 90 km. from Managua, to join forces with the Geeks Dario (a environmental-friendly group) and with Astronomia Zona 2 (a newly formed amateur astronomer group from Managua); to promote awareness for dark skies with 15 school teachers from the town. (Click on the image to watch more pictures). This was our second visit to Ciudad Dario to talk about dark sk skies

One Star presentation in Nicaragua

On April 10th. the event was held one mre time at the Lecture Room of the Neil Armstrong Observatory. Although publicity was made promoting the event, a small group of 5 (recurrent) visitors attended the event. 


April 6th. Jupiter Watch.

After the talk on dark skies, the group traveled outside the town to watch Jupiter. The teachers enjoyed the view of the Giant Planet and its moons and questions from them arrived promptly.


April 14th. Sun Day.

On this date, ANASA traveled to the public school Laura Vicuna, located nearby the crateric Apoyo Lagoon in Masaya. The group decided to change the date from its original schedule (April 7th.) due the late return from Ciudad Dario (midnight). At the school, 8 teachers and 60 students enjoyed lectures about the Sun and the Solar System. Using a 6" Celestron telescope, the attendees watched the Sun as they never have seen it before. A TV show learned about the activities and decided to cover the event and make interviews. The video was released and broadcasted on national TV 2 weeks ago. To watch it, click on the following image. (English subtitled). For pictures of the event, click here.

GAM2013 Sunday Nicaragua


April 30th. Saturn Watch.

This activity took place at the Neil Armstrong Observatory. After a brief lecture about Saturn, 63 visitor observed the Ringed Planet through the telescope (number taken from a listing).

GAM2013 SaturnWatch ONA ANASA

We also promoted online events like the Cosmic Concert and the Online Messier Marathon via ANASA's Facebook page.

Clear skies!


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