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I want you all to follow me for just a minute. Find somewhere in complete silence. I need you to concentrate. Now close your eyes until all you can see is darkness. Now open your mind and prepare for a real dose of reality. I want you to forget about the TV, I want you to forget about your car, I want you to forget about the birds in the air, The wind in your hair. I want you to forget about anything and everything native to this world that would interfere or hinder your perception. Now imagine the world is flat and you are standing upon its surface. All around you is the vastness of space. If you look to the east you will see the sun on the horizon. Nestled gently against its burning ember is the planets Venus, Mercury, and Neptune. I want you to see them because they are indeed there. They are not pictures I post on my wall. They are not an image of an imaginary place in a text book or web page. They are indeed literally right infront of your face if you are looking east. You just can not see them or sense them. In our quite little reality we are in right now. It is because the son is glaring our vision. In the reality we have created by the bubble of our planet, It is because of clouds, Our atmosphere, Mountains, and the mass of the planet itself. We can not look east and see them because our planet is curved and they still rest below the horizon as they will rise with the sun. But that is not the only reasons. It is because we are all so caught up in the drama and chaos of our fake reality society has created around us. You see your TV shows, You see the bill boards on the street corner. You see the stores and landmarks that tell you your gaze is aimed east. But you do not see beyond the limits of the bubble created around you. Now i want you to go back into our little silent flat world we have created in our minds. Silence now. feel the darkness around you. hear the silence of the blackness of space. Now Turn west. As you gaze out into the darkness with the sun to your back, We see another sphere off in the distance. This 1 you might have heard or seen in the news yesterday. It is Pluto. The little planet that couldn't. Couldn't reach planet status that is. But in our dark silent serene reality we are sitting in, It appears no different than any other planet. Ignore the scientist, Ignore the media. Keep your gaze fixed and open your mind. Do you see that? Orbiting in a dance of astronomical beauty. The moons of Pluto. But they do not look like any moon we have seen before. They are all splendidly different from each other. I want you to imagine...... no wait. I want you to see there surfaces with your own eyes. I want you to hear the songs of there atmospheres and magnetic fields. I want your brain to comprehend the reality of them just as you comprehend the reality of the world we live on and the life we have built up around us. Now I want you to turn back and fixate your vision on yourself. Come back to earth. Come back to the reality created around you within the bubble of our atmosphere. How do you feel? If you feel anything like I do when I wonder off in the dark at night to gaze at the stars and planets in complete silence, Then you feel humble. You feel small, But you also feel enlightened.

Friends all I am saying here is that I see people every day, I am scientific in nature and that means I observe far more than I participate. I witness people around me and all over the world caught up in drama, Anger, Even misery. All of this simply because they can not or will not see beyond the bubble that society has created on this planet. Television, Radio, Internet, MTV, VH1, BET, HBO, Showtime, TBS, TNT. People It is not reality and the shit you see done even on so called reality shows is not real. it is just that. It is a show. All of this culture and diversity that is embedded into your brain daily is near meaningless. If you could only open your eyes as we have in our quite, dark, serene bubble we just ventured into, You could see that there is so much more to life, reality, and where we exist. these planets and stars in the night sky are not distant objects with no meaning. They are our neighbors, part of our world, and a part of you. They are not imagined. They are real. And the clarity and enlightenment that brings upon me far surpasses and feeling of emotion provided by any artificial outlet I waste my time in on this planet. I am at 1 with the universe inside myself. And I wish only that you could be also. I challenge each of you to take 10 minutes of each night before you go to bed and do as we have just done but do not imagine it. Use your own flesh and blood eyes to pear into the vastness. If it is too cold outside, turn all the lights off and look out the window. Regardless, 10 minutes of silence in the dark with nothing but the distant light of stars traveling billions of miles to land into your eyes I promise will not only relieve stress, But bring you 1 small step closer to what true reality is. Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs. You will feel something truly divine in doing so.

With Love,
Michael FaJohn


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