Said a child excited to see for the first and last time this charming and mysterious astronomical phenomenon, the passage of a planet from the Sun, is a very interesting event that we saw and photographed with great splendor, clouds Bogota gave permission for observation.


He gave a short introduction where I explain the importance of the phenomenon to human civilization because measurements are determined as: the first realistic estimates of the size of the sun, and the distance between it and Earth.


Venus's orbit is tilted 3.4 ° from the orbit of the Earth, so that usually appear above or below the sun, as many cultures such as India. the Greek, and even the Maya observed Venus and witnessed their movement.

For the observation of this phenomenon must have the same precautions as in the case of a solar eclipse, with sunscreens 

The sky Bogotano saw this this beautiful phenomenon. Thank you very much to all attendees to see the "meeting of Gods"




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    Location:Bogotá, cundinamarca