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                                           Venus Transit 2012 at Fasa University

We had a wonderful time during the important event of astronomical history “Venus Transit 2012” at Fasa University. Most of engineering students were very enthusiastic to know more about the Venus planet.


Some audiences came because they knew next Venus Transit will happen in 2117. Soheil Salimi “the founder Astronomical Society of Fasa University” and “The Scientific & Educational Manager” at “The Scientific & Educational Department of ISAFU” (ISAFU or “Islamic Students Association of Fasa University” is an association that try to develop the science and outreach) introduced Mike Simmons(President of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society (LAAS), founding President of the Mt. Wilson Observatory Association (MWOA), and founding President of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB)) and Liam Kennedy (The Former President of Orange County Astronomical Society & the President of Image BEAMS Company ) to students and masters of Fasa University and explained the importance of this event. We were thinking of our dear friends who had previous Venus Transit observation in Iran during this event. We had some Eclipse Glasses and enjoyed the observations. The program started after sunrise till approximately 9:00 A.M. ---------------------------------------------------------
What a great honor that some dear masters joined us for observing. I’m very grateful all students and masters especially Prof. Atefatdoost and Prof. Azhdary and Dr. Moghadam and all my classmates.



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